Printed Wooden Tokens

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Printed Wooden tokens

Our Wooden Tokens are the most exclusive tokens in our range. Initially exclusive to the USA, these tokens made of wood have now also been embraced by the European market with enthusiasm. Used foremost as a currency alternative, Wooden Tokens also make a perfect marketing tool and are also widely used for competitive games and geocaching.

Wooden Tokens are manufactured from wooden fibre and resin, through an extraordinary production technique. This results in a personalised MDF token(Medium-Density Fibreboard). All materials are 100% naturally sources and therefore fully biodegradable in the embossed choice.

Ideal for personalisation, Wooden Tokens can be printed in one or full colour or embossed to include a design, logo or text of your choice. View our price list for more information regarding Wooden Tokens.

When you choose embossed Wooden Tokens, the design will be raised in the same colour as the tokens, clearly legible and recognizable by touch. Printed Wooden Tokens are printed digitally with adhesive ink. This offers great advantages as this hi-tech production method allows us to print very sophisticated and detailed designs. What's more, there is no price difference between 1 colour of full colour printed tokens. A hole or letter through the token is also possible.

Both the embossed and printed Wooden Tokens have an edge and they are obtainable in different sizes.

Embossing and Printing Options

  • identical or different designs on both sides
  • your own logo and/or text
  • your own design

Benefits of Wooden Tokens

  • The exclusive look and characteristics of the Wooden Tokens will certainly turn heads. Your logo, company name or website on a Wooden Token will ensure a personalised image and brand awareness.
  • Wooden Tokens are made from wood waste (Medium-Density Fibreboard). So no trees need to perish for the production of our Wooden Tokens. In fact, for these tokens we even clean up the waste. The raw material used for these tokens is a natural and biodegrable resource.
  • Thanks to personalisation of the Wooden Tokens logos, brands, sponsors or names will be easy to recognise.
  • Extensive use of these Wooden Tokens is no problem at all, because they are made of durable and solid materials. 
  • Wooden Tokens will relieve you of any security worries as cash is received in one place and therefore centralised, at the cash register. In addition less supervision of your staff is required as they rarely come into contact with cash.
  • Personalised Wooden Tokens are fraud-proof. By putting your own logo or name on the coins, your tokens will be easy to recognise. What is more, we will not produce your tokens for a third party. If we even suspect counterfeiting or fraud with tokens we immediately inform the rightful owner and the police. 
  • Thanks to Wooden Tokens immediate sales will be generated. You don't have to wait until clients actually buy something at your event as most tokens are sold in advance. Experience tells us that 1/8th of tokens purchased are never handed in again when people leave events. Some customers will even keep a token as memento or souvenir.
  • Price flexibility is also a major advantage as prices can easily be altered to immediatly take advantage of any marketing or promotional actions. 
  • b-token is manufacturer of these Wooden Tokens. We guarantee short lead times and great flexibility. We are also able to support and advise you extensively concerning the personalisation of your Wooden Tokens.

Designing and ordering your own Wooden Tokens, both embossed and printed, is quick and easy on our b-token webshop. If you want you can also contact us directly through the contact form or by e-mail. 


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Prices for printed Wooden Tokens

The minimum order quantity of printed Wooden Tokens is 1000 pieces per design.
Our prices are exclusive of 21% VAT and delivery charges.
The following prices are per piece.
Wooden Tokens can only be personalised on both sides.

Quantityø 23.3 mmø 25 mmø 29 mmø 35mmø 38mm
1.000 € 0,114 € 0,114 € 0,104 € 0,123  € 0,123
3.000 € 0,103 € 0,103 € 0,094 € 0,108  € 0,108
6.000 € 0,085 € 0,085 € 0,079 € 0,092  € 0,092
10.000 € 0,077 € 0,077 € 0,072 € 0,082  € 0,082
15.000 € 0,072 € 0,072 € 0,068 € 0,078  € 0,078
25.000 € 0,069 € 0,069 € 0,065 € 0,074  € 0,074
50.000 € 0,065 € 0,065 € 0,061 € 0,069  € 0,069
100.000 € 0,061 € 0,061 € 0,058 € 0,065  € 0,065
200.000 € 0,056 € 0,056 € 0,055 € 0,061  € 0,061
500.000 € 0,049 € 0,049 € 0,051 € 0,052  € 0,052

Setup charges

Identical design on both sides € 120
2 Diffferent designs € 150
Additional order with same design € 20
Breakline or open embossing (hole, letter or figure) € 125
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