Tokens in stock

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Tokens in stock

Our in-stock tokens have short lead times and competitive pricing. All of our in-stock tokens are 29 mm of diameter, but there are different models in our product range. These tokens are reusable and dishwasher proof. View our price list for more information regarding tokens in stock. 

Embossing and Printing Options

  • can't be personalized with your own design
  • fixed designs
  • several designs and colors available for embossed tokens in stock
  • several designs available for printed tokens in stock
  • several designs available for crystal tokens in stock

Benefits of in-stock tokens

  • Tokens in stock will relieve you of any security worries as cash is received in one place and therefore centralised, at the cash register. In addition less supervision of your staff is required as they rarely come into contact with cash.
  • Thanks to plastic tokens immediate sales will be generated. You don't have to wait until clients actually buy something at your event as most tokens are sold in advance. Experience also tells us that about 1/8th of tokens purchased are never handed in again when people leave events. Some customers will even keep a token as a souvenir.
  • Price flexibility is also a major advantage as prices can easily be altered to immediatly take advantage of any marketing or promotional actions.
  • b-token is manufacturer of these in-stock tokens. We guarantee short lead times and great flexibility.

Ordering tokens in stock is quick and easy on our b-token webshop. If you want you can also contact us directly through the contact form or by e-mail.

You can store and count plastic tokens in an orderly and neatly arranged manner with our plastic coin-counting trays as a convenient and inexpensive solution. Each tray can hold up to 500 tokens. 

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