Pierced tokens


Pierced tokens

Would you like your tokens to stand out with a unique personalization? Then a pierced token is a great idea. The opening in the token can be a symbol (star, hole, heart ...) or a letter. By piercing the tokens, you create a unique and fraud-proof coin that can be reused. In addition, an extra engraving can be provided on one or two sides with your logo or text. That way you make the token to your own taste.

Send us your design or idea so that we can see what is possible. This way, stability and abrasion resistance of the coin will be maintained thanks to the latest technology that we use to produce these coins.

The option to pierce your tokens is available for all our materials:

  • eco: The ecological material is a bioplastic based on starch from potato peels. This makes these coins 100% biodegradable when exposed to sunlight, air, moisture and bacteria. 
  • ocean: The ocean material is made from used fishing nets. These old nets are collected in ports and then recycled so that we can make coins from this recyclate. 
  • wood: The wood material consists of wood waste and natural resin. This gives these tokens a unique appearance. 
  • recycled plastic: The recycled plastic is made from reusable and durable plastic. We no longer bring new plastic to the world and only work with recyclable materials.

Do you need help with your design? Feel free to let us know by mail [email protected] or by telephone. Can you no longer use your old b-token coins? Send them back and we give them a new life.

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Standard designs for pierced tokens

We offer you a wide range of standard designs for pierced tokens. If you choose pierced tokens with a standard design, we don't charge setup costs. 


Yellow Fluo-rescent orange Red Fluo-rescent pink Purple Light green Dark green Turquoise Light blue Dark blue Black White Fluo-rescent yellow Fluo-rescent green Bordeaux Trans-parent Ocean Wood Transparent pink Transparent orange Transparent yellow Transparent blue Transparant green Apple Green Dark Purple Sunfire Brown Bright Pink
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