Ocean Tokens

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As a pioneer for sustainable and environmentally friendly enterpreneurship, we thought it was time to address a current problem, maritime pollution. Together with the Danish company Plastix we have developed a token made from old fishing nets… the Ocean Token.

These embossed tokens are personalizable on both sides with your own text/logo. We also offer free standard designs. The Ocean Tokens are available in one color. You can easily design and order them yourself in our webshop. Go for a real eyecatcher at your event!

The story behind the Ocean Token

Did you know that by 2050 our seas and oceans will contain more plastic than fish?

http://files.b-token.ca/files/168/original/Expected world plastics growth by 2050.jpg?1540198223

We encourage fishermen to collect their old fishing nets in harbors. The nets will be picked up and recycled into a new 'green' plastic. 

Thanks to our Ocean Tokens, we are able to reduce the amount of waste and CO2-emissions in seas and oceans and we make sure valuable raw materials won't get lost.

There are multiple (voluntary) organizations who take the inititative to stop pollution of our ocean. To support their engagement, we will donate 10% of the Ocean Token profit to Ecoduikers for one year. This group of Belgian divers collects fishing nets from the North Sea.

Also governments worldwide are trying to find solutions to resolve this issue. In December 2015, the COP21 Climate Change Agreements were launched at the Climate Conference in Paris. 195 countries consented to a worldwide agreement that would slow down climate change. Thanks to our cooperation with Plastix, we contribute to this agreement.

Besides, the United Nations has established 17 sustainable development goals. With the Ocean Token, we focus on the goals 13 and 14.


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Standard designs for Ocean Tokens

We offer you standard designs for embossed Ocean Tokens. 

Standard designs for ocean tokens

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