Festival tokens

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Festival tokens

Our round tokens are perfect for multiple use. For big festival, concerts and events it's much more interesting and safer to go for tokens that are only used once. That's why our festival tokens or coin strips are perfect for big events with lots of visitors

The festival token is actually a tablet consisting of 25 small tokens. Each seperate coin is 23x23 mm and is very solid because of the little edge. Every token can be snapped in half, if you like. For durability of the tablet, we have made sure the middle token cannot be snapped in half.

During big events it's a true art to not have your customers waiting in line for a long time and that is exactly the big advantage of this festival token as this token is very easy to divide at the cash register and accept behind the bar. In order to really guarantee an impacable service at the cash register, the festival tablets come in handy and sturdy boxes that can be reused. 

Put your logo, sponsor, brand or message on the festival token. That way you don't only make the tokens fraud-proof, but you also bring the artwork under the attention of all visitors. We can personalize each festival token on one or both sides, in one color or full color. Even unique numbering on each tablet is doable. 

The stainless steel token boxes are perfect to gather broken festival coins and the clever security feature ensures that tokens cannot be removed by unauthorised persons. 

Printing options

  • Your logo and/or text on every coin
  • Your logo and/or text on the entire tablet
  • Unique numbering per tablet
  • Barcodes and QR-codes
  • Photos

Benefits of the festival token

  • Your logo, company name or website on a coin strip ensure a personalized image and name recognition. Sponsors, logos or brands will certainly turn heads when they are on a full color printed token. 
  • Thanks to personalization of the festival token logos, brands, sponsors or names will be easy to recognize. This means that brand awareness grows because of these printed tokens.  
  • Festival tokens keep the flow of money at events under control as takings are centralized at one locations (the till). It also dispenses with the need for rigorous supervision as staff will rarely need to handle cash. 
  • Personalized event tokens are fraud-proof. By putting your own logo or name on the coins, your tokens will be easy to recognise. What's more, we will not produce your tokens for a third party. If we even suspect counterfeiting or fraud with tokens, we immediately inform the rightful owner and the police. 
  • Revenue is generated as soon as the festival tokens are sold. In other words, you no longer have to wait until your customer actually decides to purchase a refreshment. At that, we know from experience that a big part of all tokens purchased will disappear and are never exchanged for refreshments. You will even find that some of your customers will hold on to your tokens as a keepsake or souvenir.
  • By working with festival tokens, prices are easily and swiftly adjusted, which means that you can take full advantage of any special offers. 
  • b-token manufactures its own festival tokens. This guaratees you fast turnaround times and tremendous flexibility, not to mention unparalleled support and advice when it comes to giving your festival tokens a personalized look. 

Designing and ordering your own festival token in one color or full color is quick and easy on our b-token webshop. If you want you can also contact us directly through the contact form or by e-mail.

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