Coatroom tokens in stock

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Coatroom tokens in stock 

Coatroom tokens in stock ensure an organised coatroom and make sure you can offer a quick, efficient and impeccable service to your clients. These numbered coins are very durable so they will give you a proper and professional image. The coatroom tokens are reusable, and that's what makes them a nice alternative for paper or cardboard. In the long run, these numbered plastic coatroom hangers will also be less expensive then paper vouchers.

We always carry a stock of coatroom tokens. Our coatroom tokens are printed digitally with adhesive ink. On one side, the coatroom tokens are numbered from 001 up to and including 100 and from 001 up to and including 200. The other side has been left blank. Our coatroom tokens in stock are available in 5 different colors and wood and have a square hole to accommodate the coat hook. For storage purposes and to ensure that your coatroom tokens can be reused time and time again, our coatroom tokens are supplied in a white reusable storage box, clearly showing its content. View our pricelist for further details regarding our coatroom tokens in stock.


Organisation of your coatroom

It's possible to order two identical sets of coatroom tokens. You can use one set to hang on the coat hook to enable identification and give the second token with the same number to your customer. 

Advantages of coatroom tokens

  • Our coatroom tokens can be used over and over again as they are made of durable and sturdy materials. In addition, they are dishwasher safe, making them a reusable option that is not only more environmentally friendly than paper tickets but one that will prove to be more cost-efficient in the long run.  
  • In order not to damage your guests' clothes, we made sure our coatroom tokens all have round edges
  • As b-token produces its own stocks of coatroom tokens, speedy delivery lead times and flexibility are guaranteed.

Coatroom tokens in stock can easily be ordered via our b-token webshop or you are always welcome to contact us directly by email or through our contact form.

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