Coatroom tokens

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Coatroom tokens

Coatroom tokens ensure an organised coatroom and make sure you can offer a quick, efficient and impeccable service to your clients. These numbered coins are very durable so they will give you a proper and professional image. The coatroom tokens are reusable, and that's what makes them a nice alternative for paper or cardboard. In the long run, these numbered plastic coatroom hangers will also be less expensive then paper vouchers.

We offer 6 different token colors and 2 different types of coatroom tokens. There is a price difference between printing on white or colored tokens. View our price list for more information regarding coatroom numbers. As mentioned before, there are 2 different models: one with round opening (9 mm) and another one with square opening. The coat rack or hook determines which model of token should be used.

Our coatroom tokens are printed digitally with adhesive ink. This offers great advantages as this hi-tech production method allows us to print very sophisticated and detailed designs. On one side of the coatroom token we print sequential numbering. On the other side of the token there is enough room for your logo and/or text. 

Printing options

  • numbering on one side.
  • one side can be personalized with your own logo and/or text.
  • normally numbering is sequential, but we can also put your own unique numbering on the tokens. 

Organisation of your coatroom

You can order 2 sets of matching coatroom tokens. One set remains on the coat hanger or rack. The matching coatroom number is given to the customer as a receipt.

Another option is to permanently attach a numbered and adhesive round plate to the coat hanger or rack. The matching token is the customer's receipt.

Benefits of coatroom tokens

  • Our coatroom tokens can be reused over and over again as the tokens are made of very durable and solid materials. In addition these coatroom numbers are dishwasher safe. All these items lead up to the fact that our numbered tokens are more environmentally-friendly than paper coupons and they are also less expensive in the long run.
  • Your logo, company name or website printed on coatroom tokens will really put them in the spotlights. Your clients will notice your professional approach because of the durable quality of the coatroom tokens.
  • Thanks to personalization of the numbered tokens, it will be very easy to recognise logos, brands, sponsors or names. So this will also build brand awareness.
  • In order not to damage your guests' clothes, we made sure our cloakroom tokens all have round edges. 
  • b-token is manufacturer of these numbered coatroom tokens. We guarantee short lead times and great flexibility. We are also able to support and advise you extensively concerning the personalization of your coatroom tokens.

Designing and ordering your own numbered coatroom tokens is quick and easy on our b-token webshop. If you want you can also contact us directly through the contact form or by e-mail.

To store the tokens in an orderly and neatly arranged manner, we deliver them in sturdy, white boxes that can hold up to 100 coins. 

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Prices for cloakroom tokens in stock

On one side, the cloakroom tokens are numbered from 001 up to and including 100 and from 001 up to and including 200. 
Our prices are exclusive of taxes.
Prices are in USD.
Shipping and mold costs are FREE.
Goods are shipped by UPS.
The following prices are per box.

1 box (100 pieces) $ 72


Yellow Red Dark green Dark blue Black White
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