Chewing gum tokens

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At b-token we thought it was high time to eliminate one of the biggest street polluters: chewing gum. That is why we developed the chewing gum token.

We engrave the token on one or both sides with your own logo or design and is available in pink in different sizes. Engraving ensures that your logo is embossed on the coin in the same colour as the token. Even designs with small detail will be clear and easy to read. These tokens are provided with a raised edge for ease of use just like all our other tokens.

Almost everyone likes sticky, sweet chewing gum. But at the same time it is one of the biggest litter issues that we have on our streets. You can find it everywhere: at airports, in railway stations, in schools ... It is a persistent substance that is very difficult and costly to remove. It can also take up to 25 years for it to breakdown completely.

A British company collects used chewing gum in dedicated bins and processes this waste. During the recycling process, the used chewing gum is first washed and then melted at a high temperature to make granules. b-token processes this recyclate in combination with production waste from the chewing gum industry at a temperature of over 200°C into beautiful, pink and personalised tokens. Through both the recycling and injection moulding process, we guarantee clean, safe and hygienic chewing gum tokens at all times.

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Standard designs for chewing gum tokens

We offer you a wide range of standard designs for embossed chewing gum tokens. If you choose chewing gum tokens with a standard design, we don't charge setup costs.

Standard designs for chewing gum tokens

Chewing gum
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