Prefilled counting trays

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Counting trays prefilled with in-stock tokens

Our latest offer ... counting trays prefilled with stock tokens.

Plastic counting trays, neatly and orderly prefilled with tokens. Tokens that are ready to use without you having the hassle of sorting the coins in the counting trays yourself. This extra touch just forms part of the service we pride ourselves on. To ensure that the tokens remain neatly in place, even during transport, all our prefilled counting trays are covered with film. Check out our pricelist for further information about our counting trays prefilled with stock tokens.

Our reusable counting trays were designed in house and made to accomodate our plastic tokens to perfection. The sorting trays are a sturdy and budget-friendly solution that allows you to store and count tokens easily and safely. The trays are made from plastic and are stackable, whether empty or full. One tray can hold 500 tokens.

To stack the counting trays, proceed as follows:

The couning trays have been marked with the letters A and B. Stack empty trays by putting A on top of A and filled trays by putting A on top of B.

Our stock tokens are made from plastic, are reusable and dishwasher proof. Stock coins come in standard design. We can offer you a choice of several models in 29 mm, embossed tokens, printed coins and Crystal Tokens.

Advantages of prefilled counting trays

  • Tokens in stock keep the flow of money at events under control as takings are centralised at one location (the till). It also dispenses with the need of rigorous supervision as staff will rarely need to handle cash.
  • Revenue is generated as soon as the stock tokens are sold. In other words, you no longer have to wait until your customer actually decides to purchase a refreshment. At that, we know from experience that about 1/8th of all tokens purchased disappear and are never exchanged for refreshments. You will even find that some of your customers will hold on to your tokens as a keepsake or souvenir.
  • By working with stock tokens, prices are easily and swiftly adjusted, which means that you can take full advantage of any special offers.
  • b-token manufactures its own stock tokens. This guarantees you fast turnaround times and tremendous flexibility.

Prefilled counting trays can easily be ordered via our b-token webshop or you are always welcome to contact us directly of course by email or through our contact form.

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Prices for trays prefilled with stock tokens

The following prices are per piece. 
Our prices are exclusive of 21% VAT and delivery charges.

Counting tray filled with embossed in-stock tokens stock tokens with star.jpg?1501668153Price: € 27 per prefilled tray

Counting tray filled with printed in-stock tokens stock tokens with star.jpg?1501668155Price: € 35 per prefilled tray

Counting tray filled with Crystal Tokens™ in stock stock tokens with flower.jpg?1501668151Price: € 32 per prefilled tray

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