Corporate Social Responsibility

Running our business responsibly is a very important aspect of b-tokens environmental policy. We carefully examine the ecological and social effects that we are instrumental in causing. In this way, we are able to continuously focus on adjusting our processes to ensure a better future for generations to come.

b-token is a socially responsible company which can be seen in every day production processes and in the participations in numerous activities. Here are some facts which demonstrate our 'walking the talk'.

Global Compact Network

Since the 12th of May 2011, b-token is world's first official micro-enterprise of the UN Global Compact Network . This membership means that b-token has to keep paying a lot of attention to corporate social responsibility in order to live up to the standards of the GNC.


Recycled and biobased materials

Since January 2020 we no longer use virgin plastics in our token production. We only work with recycled and biobased materials. Our BIG 5 exists of the following raw materials: 

1. Recycled plastic
2. Wood waste 
3. Starch from potato peels 
4. Recycled fishing nets 
5. Metal 

Sustainability is one of our priorities. We constantly focuss on our energy use and try to keep our ecological footprint as little as possible. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our products!

Green Power

From January 2016 b-token has switched to Green Power from the company Eni. This company supplies renewable energy that comes from their wind power plants, small hydro-electric power stations, Photo Voltaic installations, ... and what they buy from smaller Belgian power supply manufacturers.

UPS 'carbon neutral shipping'

All of our products are shipped by UPS. A noteable step was taken by b-token in July 2010 to join UPS, a global carrier company, in their initiative to demonstrate a willingness to lessen the impact of leaving carbon footprints by introducing a carbon neutral way of sending packages etc. We feel as we have a professional responsibility  to uphold our work ethics and be able to demonstrate this through our working practises. 

To explain how this works, UPS first purchases certified CO2-credits for their carbon neutral shipments, and the cost of these compensates for the emissions caused by sending consignments. These credits for a small fee are then made  available to companies whose manufacturing processes produce CO2 emissions or greenhouse gases below a set level.

For just a small fee per consignment we can ship all of our packages UPS Carbon Neutral. This extra fee is of course not charged to the customer. This is a small gift from us to Mother Nature.




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